10-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

brain journey wife telling me want store
hell cookies waiting room candy corn
garbage disposal rated for bones femur chicken two kinds of people
joe biden your border city store gas president ice cream
life sucking pit despair dont care anymore
yellow highlight problems global model
joe biden knock knock whos there
biden strategic petroleum reserve emergencies disaster presidency
tulsi gabbard wokeness dumping democratic party
cdc outside circle of trust
fettterman biden invite make john sound coherent
spirit halloween ukraine energy specialist hunter biden costume spirit halloween

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet candy corn decorative ate embarrassed
tweet fish in sticks parenting for you
tweet kid restaurant beer 5 star review

Quote of the Day

quote mlk martin luther king end remember not words enemies silence of friends

The Only Thing That Matters to Biden? In Two Weeks, Suckering Enough of Americans to Maintain His Unchecked Power

tweet biden railroad strike postpone after november election

Message of the Day

message why anti communist fascist authoritarian

More Tips on Stopping Another Steal

how to help election day voter fraud poll worker

Every time Democrats oppose voter ID or any other common sense voter integrity measure (and they will), get right in their face and ask them if they support ANY measure to counter voter fraud! Rightly accuse them of wanting to preserve the ability to cheat and FORCE them to prove you wrong.

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