10-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

eye exam for mothers back of head chart
baby yoda how was work jose cuervo straw
trying to change people testing patience fists
step 1 escape the matrix smash tv
biden green energy business demands
spirit halloween katie hobbs debate blank invisible costume kari lake
babylon bee experts decry lack diversity kenyan marathon team
kids dumb bearded guy for stuff marx
cdc schools blame each other mandates
horror villains myers jason hannibal annibel hillary clinton
biden national emergency break glass us strategic oil reserves
costume j6 kinzinger committee includes fake tears ukraine flag
cnn voters care more cost fries than jan 6th panel pretends to be shocked

Last Ditch Efforts from the Swamp

tweet kirk congress rushing through 50 billion ukraine

We’re close to hitting bottom in America, but we’re not quite there yet. Expect plenty of lame-duck measures before January to further super-charge inflation and increase power of the Establishment. Expect plenty of the actions on holiday weekends when the fewest Americans are paying attention. After January, Biden and many Democrat governors won’t be able to do anything legislatively, so they’ll resort to their good old standby–unconstitutional executive orders, protected by the “emergency” of Covid, climate change, or whatever BS they come up with. However, courts and Republican-controlled congresses can at least mitigate the damage this time, assuming you get your asses to the polls and vote!

zelensky shopping congress gucci bags
people if it saves one life 2 years to war

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet not single person musk twitter problem bezos washington post
tweet rand paul festivus drag queens ecuador biden
tweet movie characters lose sht become villains older

Quote of the Day

quote rush limbaugh difference liberal conservative interpret constitution quote it

Message of the Day

message tyrants dont create tyranny your obedience does

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