10-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

not as mean as could be grateful people
cat came to fight drink milk out of soldiers
drew barrymore promise wont get mad knife block
me facebook jail metals
exposing fraud election denier ignoring fraud denier telling me
society act normal blend in follow rules disempowering narratives media
joe biden red wave still be president inflation crime sinking democrats
wonderful life every time biden speaks 401k loses thousands
fetterman cognitive impairment no big deal biden hold my beer
walz high crime economic policy jensen police endorsed minnesota
biden keystone copy iran minor incursion ukarine
twitter thumbs down employees keep job musk king

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet golden girls relatable millenial living renters 80
tweet shrink every mental health pro self awareness problem
tweet symptoms depression blues clues

Quote of the Day

quote abraham lincoln ballot stronger than the bullet

Message of the Day

message people afraid to offend dont like you anyway stand up

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