10-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

accept children festival cash credit cards
kids bug pool watching poltergeist
slap coworker 25000 not about money skeletor heman
baby welcome to world national debt share 250k
press hot air dryer speech greta thunberg
statue liberty going florida texas loves freedom
liberal authoritarianism putin jails political opponents biden love democracy
cdc throwing needles at kids blindfolded
elon musk thanos finger snap half twitter employees
why stop student loan debt made bad financial decisions too
biden economy strong as hell ice cream hot dog
spirit costume antiwar democrat blank

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet faculty head shot blue hair mask educated child
tweet white house biden explain climate change usa oil
tweet biontech covid 19 flu like cancer 6 years testing
tweet more separate labels black white gay straight less humans divide

Quote of the Day

quote musk wokeness divisive hateful false virtue

Message of the Day

message teach boys be men before teachers teach women

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