11-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

revenge nerds legal action panty raid 1984
cats exam human allergic jump lap butt in face
coworker crazy uncle bullets guns more in my car
facebook police on thin ice axe
greta doll lecture me carbon footprint
name brand foods dr pepper biden you buy generic
biden if i close my eyes the eonomy looks fine
drag trans so inappropriate say lets go brandon time meant for children
biden republicans for constitution low inflation borders no mandates
farley musk for love of god buy facebook now
democrats election denier buttons deny upcoming election
ray epps secret agent man costume spirit halloween

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dont need cart 100 groceries
tweet dog chase his tail entertained just watched 10 minutes
tweet earthlings killed leaders economy thanks aliens

Quote of the Day

quote coolidge nothin easier spending public money

Settled Science Update

CDC Director Walensky Tests Positive a 2nd Time, Joining Quad-Vaxxed Biden and Fauci as Covid Rebound Examples

tweet libertarian homer simpson atlantic pandemic amnesty
school unions covid shutdowns test scores social issues men in black neurolyzer
tweet peer reviewed articles sources shot no ingredients testing free

Message of the Day

message identify as conspiracy realist pronouns they lied

Don’t Ask Questions

media nudist 2 random websites 2am qanon wheres nancy

Other Links That May Interest You

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5 thoughts on “11-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. When someone shows you who they are, believe them—Maya Angelou
    Aliens are not real…but demons most assuredly are. Start taking stock of the imagery and predictive programming we’ve been shown our whole lives…a super hero/alien “savior” coming to rescue us from the current thing…well, it’s not just movies and video games, we are being trained to accept the anti-christ, and his kingdom. The romans kept the sick and dying poorest of the poor content with entertainment…how are we any different? They tell you these “secrets” because they love to know they “have you” that they held you in deception. That simple act is pretty satisfying to a worker of darkness. “It’s easy to fool a soft heart” —Charles H. Spurgeon (at the end of his sermon titled hypocrisy) So just get back on track, brush the dirt off and persevere. But it’s also easy to fool a fool, they are deceiving, AND BEING deceived…don’t fall for it, don’t make it so easy, die to self. Be vigilant. Put on the full armor.

    • Agree. While different religions have different thoughts on the nature of God and the afterlife, they have one idea in common:
      ‘Demons exist, they are evil. Their only goal is to deceive, corrupt and cause suffering to humans.’
      Think about that. All religions agree on this.
      Yet atheists will tell you evil does not exist with one face, then tell you another face anybody that does blindly do as they say is evil.
      Gorge Soros makes money with a hedge fund. Hedge funds make money by destroying companies and businesses. By causing destruction and suffering to humans.
      The classic definition of evil. But he give some $ to liberals so that liberals will praise Soros like he is a saint.
      The classic definition of selling your soul to the devil.
      And that only the evil they are doing in the open, in everybody’s face.
      Evil is strong in this world. Demons are real, both the ones that are only spirit and the ones that have human bodies. Be aware, be wise and don’t sell your soul to them. If you look closely, you will see the ones that did got only more suffering and misery from the trade.

    • Hate is a demon humans think that can control, but they can not. If you give into hate and justify hate it will corrupt you. One result is that it will turn you into the monster that you claim to hate.

      Dr. Martin Luther King dedicated his life to getting minorities equal rights and protections under the law. Also to end segregation. “I have a dream that one day my children will be judged by the quality of their character, not by the color of their skin.”

      CRT promotes racial segregation, different treatment of minorities under the law, and judging people based on their skin color. The exact same things the KKK promoted and what Dr. King fought against.
      The atheists Marxists that created CRT were corrupted by hatred and it shows. They claim they are ‘advancing social justice’. Instead that are pushing back social progress by 100 years.

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