11-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat karens child restaurant waiter mistake
baby yoda thankful i dont own a taser
parents afraid to discipline mom slap factory reset
dmv employee dressed up sloth costume
conan elon buy twitter executives lamentation of the media
wishing well racist disappear woke leftists
obama 57 states biden only 54
democrats just shovel more money get us back on track us economy trainwreck
hunter biden into weird sht paul pelosi hold my hammer
twitter employees afraid losing job get another like keystone pipeline workers
flying cars 2022 mask protect ukrainian pregant men climate change
left why not grant covid amnesty half dems prison fines questioning vaccines
paper common sense hammer control legislation pelosi
liberal aoc tax the rich musk 8 dollars blue check twitter
first rule of underwear hammer fight club do not talk about
notify candidates dont need to see campaign commericals early voting
aoc 8 dollars twitter no ukraine billions yes

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet no november go away
tweet sometimes printer paper cand wrappers
tweet cnn gop senate candidate debate punch didnt mention political violence
tweets aoc billionaire 8 dollars month tax the rich hoodies

Millions Get All Their “News” from This Channel

Keep in mind Biden invited this guy to the White House to craft policy & messaging:

tweet beschloss msnbc historian republican win

MSNBC Historian Loses His Mind Over the Midterms

Quote of the Day

quote sowell inflation quiet way government transfer resources people to itself

Do You Need More Reasons to Vote Against These People?

biden speech days before election times mentioned inflation gas border
tweet charlie christ open mask mandates lockdowns closing schools

Flashback Reminder

reminder only 5 governors forced covid patients nursing homes whitmer newsom wolf murphy

Messages of the Day

clocks back sunday country back tuesday vote
message in word of kardashians be a sarah connor

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4 thoughts on “11-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. We also need a list of which ones took their parents and families out of nursing homes before they turned them into termination centers

  2. If your state allows “write ins” use this as a synonym for none of the above.
    Keep in mind that if your candidate is not in the news and taking tremendous heat for supporting common sense in the constitution it may as well change him like a diver he’s part of The problem not the solution.
    If you happen to have a good trust worthy candidate bow means vote for them if not use the writing option we must stop being part of our current system where we willingly choose a cow patty or a meadow muffin for breakfast
    And then go tell people how happy we were with what was served up on our plate

  3. Heard that in one of Biden’s recent campaign stops he did mention inflation. Said he had a plan to reduce inflation.
    What was the plan? Did not say, of course.
    Democrats have painted themselves into a corner. They promised to reduce inflation when they passed the $Trillion ‘Inflation Reduction Act’. It failed miserably, just like Republicans and 9 of 10 real economists said it would. Democrats spent all the political clout on that failure that actually increased inflation. What would they even call their next bill?
    Inflation Reduction Act #2? No thinking person believes anything Biden and Democrat politicians say.

  4. Here is the 2022 25 item challenge:
    When the Republicans get control of the house and senate; and we are expecting to get the executive as well in ‘24, what will change or be undone?

    make a list of 25 items you predict or expect them to do.
    See how many come to pass.

    Perhaps a page can be compiled on the website for either the top 25 or all of the list submitted.

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