11-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

tiktokers 33 year old me biff back to the future
dogs watching news curious humans higher up food chain
someday old folks use cursive as a secret code
moment realize tinfoil hate wearing frield right about everything
electric ford f-150 gas generator
obama lies republicans social security democrats inflation mandates borders hot air
twitter employees finding out pronouns was were
liberals 8 dollars starbucks blue check mark minutes month
babylon bee dhs suppress as much speech preserve democracy
biden trainwreck right track not a joke inflation borders fentanyl
aoc 8 dollar cover charge twitter method acting
grim political tales maga republicans threat to democracy biden
kathy bates misery no jab no job we need to forgive each other
remote unemployee noises worker twitter tusken raider
should forgive forget pandemic dont think i will

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet hoe to home clean family out never let back in
google it problem settings doesnt exist comments
tweet kari lake hillary clinton perfect health not suicidal

Quote of the Day

quote marc angel careful not to dehumanize people disagree with

Message of the Day

message loved one been called conspiracy theorist entitled to apology lawyer

More of Putin Causing Energy Price Hikes 🙄

biden coal plants all across america shutdown wind solar

Manchin Unleashes on Biden Over ‘Disgusting’ Pledge to End Coal

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