11-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda strong beautiful world better place talking to coffee
family sleeping darth dog i said bark
out of facebook jail back in 3 memes later
biden republicans destroy progress fuel security 401k speech inflation hunter
pie chart conservatives deny people right vote citizenship id 1 time alive
people pushing vaccines masks orwellian laws friends of epstein
world economic forum wishes luck hunger games
amnesty witches burned stake covid mistakes made both sides
elon musk twitter aoc 8 dollars month white dress
babylon bee democratic strategists confused more got us into mess not resonating voters
biden trump divider only democrats right republicans enemies
alex jones fake news 1 billion how much cdc fbi msnbc cnn who
aoc paid 100k elon tesla now wants 8 dollars twitter
liberal mask hope die year pelosi husband disagree politics
mom conspiracy theorist orwellian times obvious observations
babylon bee stephen king sues drag queens terrifying clowns prey on children
boarded windows party compassion love loses just in case

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet nothing in world way think more to story war for mind

tweet republican voting want to be able buy groceries gas
tweet rand paul in line covid medical committee

tweet never censor yourself babylon bee twitter jail

Message of the Day

message some people gluestick over chapstick

Midterm Election Day Is Here


I’m sure the leftist politicians who have controlled California, New York, Oregon, Illinois, Maryland, and nearly every big city for half a century will definitely fix things this time! 👍 And politicians of both parties who have been in politics their entire adult life will definitely listen to the people and change their ways! 👌

Quote of the Day

quote ice cube voting democrat never gained

The Future of You and Your Children if Democrats Maintain Power

hochul kids masked adults not covid
biden speech no more drilling hochul
tweet vote business closed children locked out democrats ballot

China Posts 6-Month High Covid Count as It Sticks with ‘Zero Covid’ Mask/Lockdown Strategy

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2 thoughts on “11-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Good read:

    “Another Dictatorial Election: What Have You Done, and Why Are You Still So Blind?”

    at lewrockwell.com

  2. 25 items I expect republicans to do if they get the majority:

    1 Apologize to Putin
    2 Pull out of Ukraine
    3 Let oil production be regulated by demand
    4 Allow coal to return
    5 Fully investigate the 2020 election
    6 Prosecute the guilty for treason
    7 Fully investigate the vax
    8 Prosecute the guilty for crimes against humanity – right down to the nurse who refused to take it but gave it to others. (Will need some discussion here)
    9 Based on #9 pay the injured or the estate there of a settlement, the monies to come from the Senate and House retirement accounts of the vax supporters.
    10 “Claw Back” all proceeds paid to hospitals or clinics for “covid” related care.
    11 “Claw Back” all proceeds paid to any media for false news
    12 “Claw Back” all profits made by the drug companies for the vax
    13 “Claw Back” all profits made by congress on any covid related item

    More to come

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