11-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

elibles train to work bathtub
me cleaning room finding cool stuff jedi superhero
nyc landlord family rats bathroom bo pets rent due
republicans 2003 not with us with terrorists 2022 democrats ukraine russians
package amazon day two late emergency democrat votes van
doj dhs fbi packing twitter headed to facebook youtube
class teacher 3 branches government corporations pedophiles media
big bird going to pennsylvania teach to count
admit wrong highway covid double down anti science
babylon bee biden take days after election democratic votes double-counted
paul pelosi right wing attack every second security footage
liberal leaving twitter thumbs up
hillary clinton fedex dropping off rest of ballots

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet covid tracker 2 years count votes
tweet learned left terrified of free speech musk twitter
tweet nice thing fall waking dark work dinner embrace dark
tweet husband no 7 dollar card pint ice cream
tweet eating too much candy tummy ache 4 year old lecture

Spaceman Bad

liberal twitter before after elon musk private government hate speech

Quote of the Day

quote opposite of courage is conformity cowardice even dead fish flow hightower

Message of the Day

message dont call me conspiracy theorist connect the dots specialist

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