11-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda what women want drag to bedroom dirty dishes nap
how wine alcoholics look at other king royalty
shrek phone check time good question
nothing in common except distrust of government
china zero covid policy fauci media masks lockdows
biden shut down coal plants jobs bird
wizard oz dorothy no brains courage heart congress
trump musk derangement sydrome psych hospital
liberal npc take days to count votes normal

Let’s Review

review covid science got wrong masks closures lockdowns

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet tantrum parenting 4 year old go away
tweet irony generation prank phone calls daily robocalls
tweet zoom etiquette mute riase hand cat in view
tweet protest elon musk twitter quality tweets activism
tweet being libertarian musk twitter liberals break threatening to leave

Quote of the Day

quote going to end fossil fuel biden american diesel shortage

Message of the Day

message success hits different nobody believed in you stay motivated

Note to Website Followers

In the past I’ve discussed selling or retiring the website as I’m totally burnt out on politics, but I felt I should at least stick it out through the election. Now that I’ve reached that point, it’s time for a change. I don’t, however, plan to get rid of the site. Instead I plan to change the format. I’m tired of the negativity & divisiveness, and I’m guessing you are too. So, I will be phasing out most of the political part of the site and putting more effort into the humor side. I may not post as many memes, but I’ll continue to release daily posts for the time being. Thank you again to all my loyal followers! This small website has surpassed 7.1 million hits to date, so you’re not alone, despite the way the gaslighting Ruling Class may make you feel!

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21 thoughts on “11-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I understand. I quit all social media several years ago. You are a daily destination. Thanks for the good work and effort. Looking forward to your new project

  2. This is great news! I love your site and commentary. Like many others, this is my first stop of the day. Thanks so much!

  3. Thank you for your efforts. I stop by here daily for some humor and lite/lightness. You haven’t been very negative in my view. Have fun with your site, I’ll be by daily. Good fortune and good health to you and yours.
    Tree Mike

  4. You’re the man Joe! Thank you for all you’ve done giving great insight and commonsense in today’s parallel universe of politics with some humor thrown in the mix. Like the others above, this site is one of the first things I check in the morning. Gives me hope. Cheers!

  5. I would like to thank you for all the times I got to enjoy your site. I pass it on to my sister and sons. thank you.

  6. I’m a daily visitor for well over a year. This site is my ‘dessert’ after slogging thru political sites. Like you, I am taking a break from worrying about the Republic, and I am happy to see you continue on!

  7. I’m not tired of the negativity and divisiveness. Satire and ridicule are powerful methods to expose the lies of politicians and their nonsensical, or ethically bankrupt, policy positions.

    Have you thought of recruiting some volunteers to help you? It must take quit a bit of time to find all those memes. If you had volunteers to just send them to you, your workload would be less.

    • Thanks, Kodos! Collecting memes has been the easy part…it’s the cropping, shrinking, naming, and linking that takes time.

  8. Joe, THANK YOU for sticking it out this long. And thanks for keeping the site going. Yeah, politics have gotten really depressing. I’m thinking of going to live in a cave and wear live animals as hats…
    Please know that you are appreciated, and the site is our morning highlight. Regardless of the direction you take in posts, I’m sure things will remain funny and entertaining.
    Thanks again – you rock!

  9. Joe,
    Thank you for all that you’ve done to provide us with levity in the midst of gloom and doom. You have been my #1 destination for a long time. I look forward to your new venture.
    You are a gem.

  10. Appreciate your efforts; always enjoy dropping in every morning for the fun and the important messages ……….and sharing your good work.

  11. Thanks, Joe! You brought light during the dark, nonsensical, days of covid.

    But I’m right with you on the needed humor aspects. While satire and all are certainly beneficial, it can still get depressing. Why? We all know nothing will change in politics. That said, humor and life are still wonderful! Let’s live without the stress of politics and enjoy all we can while we can.


  12. Joe, thank you for all your work. Your site has been my top meme site since I found it over a year ago. Can understand your burnout. This election should have been a conservative blowout. But Democrat Liberals have proven they are brainwashed beyond all reason or hope. They actually voted in brain damage Fetterman in Senate. This election broke me. I don’t care anymore.
    That said, please, please, please continue to do political humor in some way. outsource it somebody to do on your website, or give your secrets to collecting and posting political memes to somebody else to create another website. Political memes are humor, not hate. Humor is only way sane people will make it through next 2 years of political and economic hell.

  13. As one of the 7.1 million, thank you for your faithfulness. I also am weary of politics as of late and welcome your new direction. Also I have enjoyed very much your commentaries. I wish you well and look forward to your new direction.

  14. Okie dokie, light hearted non-political memes works for me. Thanks for your daily chuckles. Couldn’t live without ’em.

  15. Some light-hearted jokes – a nice idea . But please, toss out some ‘random thoughts’ once in a while, I like the way you think.

  16. THANK YOU!

    As far as negative, there is a simple rule to follow:

    Show memes that point positive, or thoughtful, not personal attack memes.

    For example, pro-libertarian memes.

    Or a meme on a good question like “how can fair elections have vote counts go DOWN over time?”

    But not bothering with personal attacks (Biden, Aoc, etc ) no matter how deserved.

    ENCOURAGE with memes, ask reflective questions with memes.

    Leave the attacks, and you will find this a positive site that doesn’t wear you down nearly as much

  17. Former pro Abortion Democrat and donor to both the Clintons’ and Schumer DUH DON OLD is tearing the GOP assunder.
    Should we blame him or the stupid chit rubes still stuck on the one hit wonder?
    Donny axed McCormick, the protypical moderate but not RINO, not career politician ideal for Pennsylvania voters … who have elected such fine Republcians time and time again, for the carpet bagging novice Dr. Oz, with his quirky style and dual citizenship. Result: Hell O Senator FetterWoman, the socialist pro crim maniac.
    Should we blame the righfully ambitious but in the wrong state Oz, or the inert, clueless, lacking political acumen Donny?
    Should we ask the stupid chit rubes still stuck on the one hit wonder?
    Or do they need Donny to attack Youngkin and DeSantis some more, as they stroke themselves with their Donny Teddy Bears on their laps?
    Hard to say. Sometimes fools still emotionally attached to self destructive habits manage to grow a pair, become men again, and put on their big boy pants … sometimes they stay stupid chits …. even when that means inviting more, and more, and more socialism to duck up America.
    Any assistance would be appreciated.

  18. Joe,
    As I do not use face book, twitter or any social media, this is my only source of memes to pass on.
    I say put a note on the opening page and take a year off and see how things look then.
    Lots of material in the archives.
    Besides all things covid and jab have thoroughly covered the only way these people are swapping to the truth is as a news media is forced to report with this and injuries they can no longer be covered up these are people who have to be told by the Talking Heads that it’s raining
    Election fraud has also been thoroughly covered
    we’re in two camps
    at Present the left controls the ground
    many who we think are on the right or actually on the left

    So take a year off see how things shake out good luck in the future

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