11-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

moment silence suit city lose girl small town guy flannel hallmark
when sht keeps going wrong reverse psychology black cat mirror umbrella
sign talk cheap supply exceeds demand
all conspiracies come true king of tinfoil
apocalypse outfit expected vs actually guns
democrats biden economic wrecking ball diesel media propaganda
fellow public figures blue checkmark musk 8 dollars
aftermath in florida red wave desantis end woke agenda
reporter describe democrat voting history love trash oscar
what it feels like picking candidate every election lays predator flavors
blue wall biden state election incompetence corruption az ga nv

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet imitation sincere flattery wife son f bomb school
tweet website older fans pain hurt miniscule task
tweet netflix blockbuster bullying meteor jurassic park

Quote of the Day

quote candace owens see yourself as victim own oppressor

Message of the Day

message best way follow the science follow the silenced

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4 thoughts on “11-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

    America America
    Let us be donny Free
    When he’s by Our side
    There’s fratricide
    Counting Ballots even gets pretty rough
    When does don Old’s Plop
    Equal a flush
    When does DeSantis Feel the Rush

    America America
    Let us be donny Free
    When he’s by Our side
    There’s fratricide
    God knows We are better than he

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