11-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

aaron rodgers hello giselle done with football family man
random drug testing work wont try crack
create society not soul crushing psychiatrist pills
you may hurt someone with that post
send me that picture last night drunk sponge bob
democrats signs more inflation crime bring back lockdowns
want to thank veteran kick politician hard
ymca hammer paul nancy pelosi

It’s Almost Like There’s a Formula for Winning 🤔

tweet rand paul every libertarian leaning republican libertytree won double digits
desantis election voter id stop fraud

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet leaving twitter cant put price classist know how to boil an egg
tweet protocol 3 bottles wine kids birthday
tweet jobs 3 references same happy employees

New Meme Gallery Added

Big Tech Fascism and Censorship Meme Gallery 5

Quote of the Day

quote truth schopenhauer 3 states ridiculed opposed self evident

Message of the Day

message erase mistakes past wisdom of present lesson not disappointment

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  1. Your posts especially the political messages are inspiring and just terrific.
    You help a lot of people.

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