11-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

growing up siblings even divided
1000 puzzle pieces sorted ahole cat explode
dog understand human words smarter than you
drug dog fried next to cop staring
emperor palpatine took care of everything left right clash i win in the end
biden do noth8ng curb inflation media stop at nothing
elon musk aoc bed still gonna need 8 dollars
cooking 57 dollars food 2022 toys

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet tv left on dog air bud
tweet life youtuber tearing apart wife comments
tweet zuckerberg metaverse punch facebook account
tweet googles homes for sale rent good bridges to live under
biden no more applications student loan forgiveness court rejected plan thanks no refunds

New Meme Gallery Added

Climate Change & Global Warming Meme Gallery 3

Quote of the Day

quote thomas jefferson matters of style principle like a rock

Message of the Day

message what people see success not rejection late nights hard work

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