11-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

english teacher tragic story office me autobiography
nephew uses bad word i taught him
teacher no eating back of class buffett
grammarly get me fired heads up message
how many memes reactions account suspended 30 days
2020 year of science pool divider glass
mayor from jaws still mayor 2 vote local elections

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet new coworker training why legacy
tweet ceo multiple companies dont do much
tweet morning after pill eating 30 dollars dominoes
tweet making pancakes dogs dont know how
tweet carry gun house cia echo

New Meme Gallery Added

Educational Indoctrination Meme Gallery 2

Quote of the Day

quote musk dont confuse school education didnt go to harvard people who work for me

Message of the Day

message rand paul want one thing government less of it

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5 thoughts on “11-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Pick the most qualified individual to lead the Republican wing of the Uniparty into 2023.
    A. Ronna McDaniel, leader of the Republican National Committee
    B. Mitch McConnell, Senate minority leader
    C. Kevin McCarthy, House minority leader
    D. Ronald McDonald, no introduction necessary

    • Old McDonald, at least he knew how to run a farm, deal with animals, is willing to step into some shit, plow a field not a whore and to slaughter the animals that get out of hand.

    • I fear this is old news. The reason, well, one of the reasons, the border is wide open is to have a fresh steady supply of trafficked children for their brothels. What they’ve been doing all along, will just become harder and harder to ignore for the willfully ignorant. But then again everyone will be on meta-verse at that point, so win win.

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