11-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

went to dentist lifetime supply of floss
dog keys couch both going or no one
wife pulled muscle leg hooter
im not ahole hemorrhoid irritate them
men in past men today lions liberals
teacher student one cause of deforestation this paper
office explain to me like wear mask alone in car
thank that i dont have taser baby yoda
if twitter running no employees government give me hope
dale gribble king hill conspiracy theorist more sane each week
fix elections results valid id residence

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet key fob press locks many times superlock
tweet middle age ladies jason mamoa refrigerator phone wild
tweet midwest small towns cornfields construction deer jump in front of cars

Quote of the Day

quote i was just following orders most widespread atrocities in human history

Message of the Day

message we all have talent something didnt try yet

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