11-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

facebook marked safe from wkrp turkey giveaway
someone driving zoom zoom lane not going zoom speed
when mom dads decorate bear pumpkin
dory cant eat another bite pie
thanksgiving spirit given bird lots of people
dinosaurs mom ready thanksgiving when people arrive
thanksgiving with kids turkey potatoes grilled cheese
start eating someone starts praying
scam likely phone one person checks up on
farmer turkeys shirt im with delicious
think watch christmas move home alone me diehard
conservative uncles woke nephews dinner thanksgiving
meal is not over when full when hate myself

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet why people pushed away so distant
tweet thanksgiving feast daughter roll
tweet thanksgiving dinner hours cooking angry

Message of the Day

message wise you life most difficult exam copy others everyone test different

Quote of the Day

quote no amount regret past anxiety future gratitude change present

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