11-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

black friday price markdowns hold
dark breathtaking view november afternoon
cant handle crazy only level one pathetic
black friday shopping turn phone horizontal before recording fights
baby yoda grogu friend be ready showered battery sleep
after 10 minutes of christmas shopping i hate the public ron swanson
zelensky shopping congress gucci bags
cat tree victim online shopping check dimensions
blue state attire shopping helmet mask bulletproof vest
voters raiders lost ark swap corrupt politician
forrest gump just like that democrats dont like investigations election

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet son concealer eyes age old tired
tweet kids never beat me silent treatment contest
tweet hr manager workplace complaint work from home
tweet someone half iq make 10x much not smart enough doubt

Message of the Day

message live blue state deer throw themselves front of cars

Quote of the Day

quote make own rules slave to anothers

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