11-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

saw text crazy day dog in bed
christmas sign 5 dollars tell kid truth santa
life one picture breyers ice cram car
finger cops lips both speeding forgive
home alone my plans rest of year eating junk watching rubbish
han solo all true non toxic social media myspace millenials gen z
dear santa all i want christmas gross pay
us presidential history crackers oreo cheeto potato
pacman video games 80s faster like life

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet multiple kids split m&m in half
tweet send one kid look for others bermuda triangle
tweet two types people 1 glass wine 2 bottles
tweet society musk zuckerberg fist fight parking lot

Quote of the Day

quote freddy krueger never stop dreaming nightmare elm street

Message of the Day

message warned person criticize others speak critically of you out of earshot

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