11-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

look mom gives embarrass public cant kill u yet
assignment no problems create my mind find
store sign dont enter mirror
mcdonalds gold vip card impress the women
menudo new kids block milli vanilli pepperidge farm doesnt want to remember
student papper 16 chocolate bars takes 4 quarter slap
im libertarian therapist taxing swanson
dog give thanks for cat trip food

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kids mom fun game coffee alone
tweet thermostat up 1 degree treat sunday
tweet parenting calm shtshow 3 seconds
tweet elon musk 16 hours day 52 weeks year working still called lucky

Quote of the Day

quote thoughts may done things wrong but many right

Message of the Day

message no sense pessimistic wouldnt work

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