11-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat discovers youre alone bathroom window
meth heads gas station beer hotdog thriller mj
baby yoda disinfecting page wall weirdos have been
dog cat who humans like more canine tooth named
1960s special effects star trek warp speed
cookie monster in bid not specific
simpson lisa face almost 2023 someone with mask on
injured soccer players water stream family guy
elaine seinfeld fake warming domestic nuclear war
watch language curse words flow fcking beautiful

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mouthful blood dentist floss
tweet kid internt down friends house router on
tweet whole foods lights prius parking lot
tweet mccarthy republican constitution reading bills before voting
tweet milano tesla ev musk hodge twins

Quote of the Day

quote mark twain person wont read no advantage cant read

Message of the Day

message not every friend request just surveillance cameras

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5 thoughts on “11-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. It is so great how defiant Frump is. He has his gay Nazi three way with Fuentes and Ye, he lavishes Fuentes with praise saying the Anti Semite Bass Hole “gets him.” And then pretends to stand tall, as Governor DeSantis and Senator Cotton pushback on Chinese Communists cracking heads for their Covid Chit Shine.

    So when Frump pulls his head out of his Nazi kissing bass, he is defiant. Rubes gotta like that, right?

  2. Trump = Nazi?

    You’re saying that Trump is a “Socialist”, somewhere between “Progressive” and “Communist”. Check out the full title of the “Nazi Party” – it includes the word “Socialist”.

    Today, the Nazi Party would be called “radical left-wing”, similar to the current meaning of “Democrat”.

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