12-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda grogu exes break up difference religion god satan
stuck on island alone with someone something to eat
if child yelling not way teacher told us only way know how math homework
wifi password military dont recommend airline
bank account getting text messages for christmas
irs you can milk anything with nipples
american people fighting each other sponge bob coffee
mailman usps trim bush better service box
homer simpson flanders garage holidays covid
what she wants christmas yellowstone rip getting tidy whities
media declare pandemic amnesty liberal npc musk twitter accounts

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet no kids do whatever i want whenever
tweet season vague santa threats do parenting
tweet sanity balanced hot drink winter
tweet twitter elon musk fired employees what doing government

Quote of the Day

quote mark twain life ignorance confidence success is sure

Message of the Day

message if out of your hands freedom from your mind

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