12-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

whole foods messing asparagus water
guns pointed welcome free trial credit card info
america prolonging erections mental health family guy
december 24th christmas party nakotomi plaza invite
fruit salad lunch sangria wine
sponge bob podcaster murder relaxing body
person inventing income taxes satan big fan
gavin newsome california water heater candle faucet
faces when people just added facebook looking through post
what lockdown should look like fauci trudeau gates
drivers new york leaf license tolls modern solutions

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet hate go public still there
tweet friend toddler defiant stage
tweet every store bought from email
tweet bill clinton grateful boosted family guy said the thing

In Other News, the Sky Is Blue

musk twitter interfered with elections transparent

Quote of the Day

quote orwell totalitarian methods time used against you

Message of the Day

message holoday season not size of gift 10 dollars hour 30 gift

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