12-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat destroyed christmas tree ready santas village
misery favorite hallmark christmas movie
dog social media computer your mom called me good boy
chocolate advent calendar only 3 days to christmas
poltergeist girl tv mariah carey shes here christmas
waterboy no social skills facebook sharing memes
assumption convnience fck around find out class
dogs bed thinking about other name before scar
too bad age mature meet for a drink shots bottles hangover
you hate current government i hate all not the same
sopranos explaining friends family ignorance why still in mess
foosball world cup edition injuries
clown makeup janet yellen covid inflation spending money

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet welcome to parenthood every room toy room except bathroom crying
tweet kids great immune system sneeze directly
tweet not dumb enough democrat republican sucks without a home
kid experiencing tv commercials first time sit and suffer

Quote of the Day

quote jade environment not safe disagree growth control

Message of the Day

message usa iranian world cup soccer players get along no government who to hate

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5 thoughts on “12-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. That last meme with the soccer players reminds me of the infamous Christmas Truce, 1914. That statement speaks volumes.

  2. Government is indeed the root cause of all of our problems. They are either the creators, or the reason why the problems are that much worse. And no, I am not singling out one party over the other. The problem is Government itself. Great memes this morning.

  3. On welcome to the club:
    We have known this for a while.
    We, both parties, are Charlie Brown thinking the football will not be pulled away – this time.
    Well, it’s been pulled away every time ….. and we still come back to play.

    We are simply not ready to kick the ones holding the ball.

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