12-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

silicon valley decoded message bits find hobby
genie grant 10 wishes lots of issues baby yoda
horse bed track cheered finishing first
elf on shelf goons hockey fight
listens metal music cant handle people talk too loud brain
tone down notch to fit in hooters firing
google meta twitter liberals npc too much power
hallmark movie poster formula green red
heres mistake chalkboard added fuck didnt give
smudge cat dont watch soccer guys struggle to score take friends bar
fbi clown ignore epstein maxwell hunter biden ftx investigate taylor swift ticketmaster
liberal npc brain elon musk is the enemy

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dog video call humans cheer work from home
tweet mental health questionaire score crisis counselor
tweet ryan reynolds disneyland mickey mouse daughter
tweet conspiracy theorist connect the dots specialist

Quote of the Day

quote bob uecker she contract paid never seen with stuff

Message of the Day

message if fail rock boat war good evil life easier childrens wont

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4 thoughts on “12-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The war is not between good and evil, these are the same thing, they just wear different capes.

    The war is between life and death.

    Choose your side carefully…

    Only one will win.

    • Laura, I respectfully disagree. From a Christian perspective choosing between good and evil is choosing between life and death, on an eternal scale.

      • Thank you Hank, for being a gentleman, however it was after all the tree of the knowledge of GOOD and evil. Plenty of “good” things and people will perish, because they are worldly, not eternal…plus who is defining good? God says we are not good, not a single one, and the worlds definition changes from day to day…

  2. The real war is not the political one. In the end, it is Jesus vs. not-Jesus, trust vs. not trust.

    Self-centered vs. God-changed.

    Inconvenient truth: Jesus does return.

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