12-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs reason get out of bed early morning
ups guy merry christmas see 20 times before then
freddy goes out one night next 3 week recharge social battery
men women restroom doors bla bla
programmers glass tap cry violently ave maria
car stop hand never understood mom dog
baby yoda fool me once shame on your twice thousands weatherman
doctor scratches sexually active racoon jedi backpack
heman binary categories until next time
worst part of censorship marker crossed off
attic christmas decorations john mcclaine
baby yoda january tangled lights problem another day december

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet friends introverts cancelling plans aliens
tweet pay respect parents work all day kids in home
tweet what interests in job being paid to do it
tweet zuby what media has done covid
tweet heart of attacks free speech experts pure elitism

Quote of the Day

quote maimonides book lies pen

Message of the Day

message illusion of wealth cars houses debt freedom options time health

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2 thoughts on “12-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. “What the media has done to them ….”

    No. You chose what you watch, what you read, and who you believe.

    Let’s take a little responsibility, shall we.

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