12-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

beetlejuice how going taking care of yourself
cat camouflage christmas tree destruction training
thought clark griswold been cousin eddie all along
question every single narrative on news tinfoil hat body wrap
hear someone say trust government world history
bond driving home gas burner after unplugging all electric cars party
parenting 2022 me talking back to mom 1984
liberal job losses 2010 learn to code student loans weld 2022
if not threatened to call santa are you even parent
food trucks park outside restaurants require cards
babylon bee government next pandemic taking away rights ahead of time
blind bart simpson government insider trading ftx government your venmo

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet audacity husband not understanding sentence halfway
tweet alexa wife turn off naked room
tweet gap on resume kid telling story
tweet new in town handsome stranger hallmark murder podcasts

Quote of the Day

quote spooner capable of tyranny perjury to sustain it

Message of the Day

message neo knowledge is your power ignorance their power ruling class

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