12-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

halo friends naughty im holy one
recipe reduce wine by half
cat pizza delivery late minutes window
empty wrapping tube christmas bonk head adult
awkward amazon santa claus chimney delivery
someone tells me okay post shouldnt new here
if 2022 hunting trip deliverance
watching goats road double line
submit taxes redacted marker open transparent
identify as conspiracy theorist pronouns told you so
sicilian pasta tomato puree chicken nuggets
babylon bee democrats vow find social media platform censor
biden corporate railroad money union

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet picked up sons gas car pay phone
tweet heard costco stay focused
tweet body not temple storage regrets

Quote of the Day

quote komisar most dangerous risk of all life

Message of the Day

message life better with dog snoopy

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