12-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat duck nothing in common vibe
hungover squad going over stupid sht you did
skeletor kids listening same metal music you do
sign no nonsense coffee guide americano tea hot chocolate milky
christmas story air rifle ruger walmart tv
skeleton cousin eddie christmas decoration rv
buzz lightyear special graduated rich toy shelf
survival tip lost in woords build shelter tax collector
politicians reading details trillion dollar bills 600 venmo transaction yes no
twitter advertisers porn draw lone people speak freely
flu shots walgreens liquor vodka whiskey
dumb and dumber biden traded some stuff griner
el chapo waiting mexican athlete to mess up

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet party bus moms true crime podcasts nobody talks
tweet fastest cure for hangover lost phone
tweet two people relationship travel passes reservations where
tweet what team brittney griner plays for girls

Quote of the Day

quote dostoyevsky best prisoner keep knowing

Message of the Day

message dark days made me strong made me prove it

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