12-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

joe burrow culkin playing jeffrey dahmer
far side mushroom cloud fishing no restrictions limit
presents friends family mine shopping bags
kids bored grandparents find sticks to play
sign best friends pick up airport parole cant be within feet sheep
seinfeld lawyer who told you trade merchant of death for basketball player
cat christmas tree ignoring cat tree
santa claus sexual harrassment trial ho ho ho lawyer
clown getting ready head out fit in rest of society
all states legalized weed my state clown rollercoaster
babylon bee biden calls 50 billion track down ukraine arms dealer

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet irs 600 dollar transactions see how they leave dc millionaires
tweet establish marriage dominance netflix gilmore girls
tweet christmas music lights costco couple cousin gift
tweet cat distinguished 23andme homicidal maniac
tweet ice cream full cracks
tweet 2000 years ago bethlehem dog advent treat calendar

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Quote of the Day

quote steinbeck pain of truth agony of lie

Message of the Day

message past place of reference learning not living

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One thought on “12-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The God most high, the Lord of hosts, the God who is your dead god’s God… He left His throne in heaven and started His mission on earth in the most vulnerable position a human being ever is in; infancy. He came at a time when humans had invented the most heinous way to torture and kill a man; crucifixion, where you have to push your lacerated back against the tree while your punctured feet lift your dying body up just enough to take a breath so you won’t suffocate. Jesus created life, and conquered death, to free us from bondage, and to let us live. But people love death more than life. Give the pagans and wapo guy back their Yule solstice celebrations. Christ never was in Christmas!

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