12-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

friends cook under crippling depression doing 20 years
clark griswold older get realize not crazy
manager employee call customer moron asked
boomers millenials toast ruining world gen z tide tod traffic gen x
text power ranger could be us playing wrong number
santa kid tips or will promise pony
teach history channel 3 hour documentary bigfoot
baby yoda grogu go f yourself 10 year old talking to
covid amnestry sorry drying tears cash
mcconnell biden ukraine send more money christmas
biggest story suppression of story this also biden
elton john leaving twitter because of rocket man musk

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet parenting hack lamer stories spouse kids ask
tweet science fiction novels robots harass phone calls
tweet shaking head mall who build bear this world
tweet millennial edition monopoly paying rent cant buy
tweets biden releasing dealers weapons prison marijuana
tweet elon musk pronouns prosecute fauci

Quote of the Day

quote aesop liar wont be believed even if speaks the truth

Message of the Day

message some of us built from scratch no inheritance connections sweat skill

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2 thoughts on “12-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Trust me, everyone is better off with The History Channel doing shows about Oak Island and stuff. Go to History.com and see what they claim history is. It is nothing more than the government-approved version, with all the misleading info, lies, etc. Kids get enough of that in government run schools (and sadly, far too many private schools).

  2. The “message of the day” is the perfect meme for the story of my life! Thanks for posting it, I’m totally borrowing that one!

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