12-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

act not paying attention pictures cooler dogs
html babies 10 20 years experience
cat police lineup buried elf on shelf litterbox
leave early work boss enough people time with dog
open box before eating pizza not going to make it people
days without sex jogging flip flops sound
serial killer documentaaries christmas movies sleighin or slaying
boomers kids these days work millenials gen x rage against the machine
lol land of lakes receipt spread
kids trying to learn abcs lgbtq blue haired teacher
twitter users looking down masses censored on facebook

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet 1000 mars bar freezer homeless celebrity charity
tweet end in person conversations giving thumbs up
tweet assumptions door murderer police positive thinking
tweet husband dog new chew rope christmas

Quote of the Day

quote jfk kennedy not afraid entrust american people unpleasant facts afraid of people

Idea of the Day

idea gyms that charge you for days dont go

Message of the Day

message only you alone change situation dont blame on anyone else

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