12-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

relationship dynamic tall beautiful weird gremlin laugh
camp in mountains not left lane
triggers anxiety nouns people places things
day alcoholic drink after work today not it lotr
people new facebook page long time friends rollercoaster
santa reindeer tax office chimney
pantene shampoo bottle hold long ready
christmas tree laundry basket up
climate hysteria iceberg marxism
people realizing tinfoil hat protected more than facemask
elon musk hunter joe biden ford bronco chase

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet die hard christmas movie social obligation spirals unending nightmare
tweet never change so fast gynecologist naked
tweet check on friends profession cant say 90 percent not ok
tweet kid buy ipad not enough money bought house

Quote of the Day

quote hitchens most intolerant narrow minded congratulate themselves open tolerant

Message of the Day

message blessing in disguise every situation

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