12-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

another morning no one standing next to bed your royal highness coffee
build character make kids stare at dialing aol 5 minutes
interesting personalities made one for you
grinch high heels each year farther true meaning christmas
sign amazonesia forget what ordered
just stole santas naughty list same as friends list
teacher draw moms hobbies likes drinking wine
gremlin showing up for christmas party later tequila
bill hillary clinton ratting me out offing me
facebook be polite here gen x politely decline

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dont think what say night rest of life night
tweet can put anything on to do list drink coffee
tweet husband cocktails christmas shopping see what got
tweet parenting wild see results years later
tweet turkey sleepy not alcohol tolerate family
tweet daughter voicemail hand up send me text

Quote of the Day

quote tyler durden we work jobs we hate impress

Message of the Day

message if dont do stupid things young nothing laugh about old

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