12-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

scream cast not cell phone sight living moment
victimized by boones farm strawberry in 80s 90s entitled to compensation
learned 2 lessons life forget first write everything down
book dealing with people cant stand
mom buys you toys dollar store spaceballs
social media toxic shthole love memes chaos
me waiting 3 grow up battle billionaires with memes
fauci biden just one more lockdown my king
bernie folding once again like cheap suit to establishment war party
sam ftx epstein cameras jail okay protect safety
grinner story to take eyes off twitter files
media who cares about blacklists elon musk
just like that liberals like free speech again

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet every christmas buy nephew assembled brother struggle
tweet biology teacher opposite dominant submissive
tweet firmly held conspiracy theory company product emails
tweet daughter asked friend zone years of experience

Quote of the Day

quote asimov those think know everything annoy those who do

Message of the Day

message corleone can only win mind stronger than emotions

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