12-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

gained weight didnt say ugly beautiful
coworker comes back after surprise drug test thought lost
run out of elf on shelf ideas dont care present
1980 santa smells like whiskey and marboro
sponge bob get robbed robber pretends owed money taxation
liberal npc must hate current thing because bad for current cause
government signs same old mistakes
left cant meme because it is the meme
look at all my freedoms licenses passport vendor
christmas tree drag tree allowed in classroom

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kicked dog off bed corner sarah mclaughlin song
tweet neighbor roomba not allowed outside inside
tweet boston talk like that makinf fun mark walberg
tweet marriage curtains pick any hell
tweet 10 hrs week spouse amazon boxes

Quote of the Day

quote tagore one who plants trees sit in shade meaning of life

Message of the Day

message if focus on hurt suffer lesson continue to grow

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4 thoughts on “12-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. If your planning for one year ahead: plant rice.

    If your planning ahead for ten years: plant wheat.

    If your planning ahead for one hundred years: plant trees.

    If your planning ahead for one thousand years: educate.

  2. I should never ever make comments late at night. Saw it next morning and said a few words – under my breath. Being married tends to slow down ones use of certain words.

    (“Tomorrow’s” page is available at about 10PM, California time.)

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