12-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

watching sleep importance documentary 3am dog remote
cant talk text 2 percent battery will
kissing booth kiss my ass dollar
wife didnt like color wall sent to get white
snowmen give noses rabbit blow dryer
homer simpson isa citizens voting something stupid
cant play baby its cold outside card b song eat her
media prostitute what you say anything wany nyt cnn msnbc abc mainstream post
delete real life friends internet shtposters happiest v vendetta

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet saddest adult amazon air filters
tweet what being an adult feels like dog walking self
tweet wife argument bedroom guacamole won
tweet avocado pleasant short time

Quote of the Day

quote aristotle no great mind existed without touch of madness

Message of the Day

message dont be afraid losing people losing yourself pleasing

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