12-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hold coffee upright scan sign me
hometown reprented by photograph animal smoker ambulance
reminder current boyfriends girlfriends edge of photo cropped out
hr says no longer answer phone for fcks sake what now
linkedin reverse tinder hot girls wite nerdy guys dont write back
if merry christmas offends you then
twitter files rabbit hold slice fbi fauci censorship
beef steak grasshopper right wing extremist
musk grim reaper fauci twitter doors
joe biden served this country for decades what is china jeopardy
china venezuela united states congo locking up political opponents

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet universities salaries vps provost chancellor admin assistant peggy runs
tweet never understood drummer boy outside daughter
tweet ghosts christmas carol scariest behind back boo
tweet kid socks polka dots princess pea

New Meme Gallery Added

Christmas Meme Gallery 2

Quote of the Day

quote plato never discourage making progress no matter how slow

Message of the Day

message life important stop arguing let be wrong

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2 thoughts on “12-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. When there is ACTUALLY blood pouring out from under the door behind which each of these criminals/murderers cowers, then I’ll smile. For now, Elon has just exposed their lies/crimes, but NOBODY is doing anything about them, and a majority of America is either ignoring them, justifying them, or denying them still – despite overwhelming proof.

    • Saw an article that NBC, CBS and ABC gave completely ZERO news coverage of the crimes/lies Musk has exposed between Twitter and Feds.
      Latest is that FBI paid over $3 million to Twitter to push Fed censorship and ‘preferred opinions’.
      People….say it clearly so everybody can understand…. Government paying to censor information is Government sponsored censorship.
      Government paying organizations to promote Government opinion is Government sponsored propaganda.
      It is one think for Federal Government to sponsor paid for advertisements.
      Like ‘stop smoking, cigarettes are bad’ commercials. As long as everybody knows it is a government paid for commercial. You know what it is, who is paying for it and watcher has choice to follow advice or not.
      Government secretly paying to promote some information and censor other information is very different. That is 1984 level mind control manipulation.
      You can not have a functioning democracy or republic without an informed public. You do not have an informed public if government controls what public is allowed and not allowed to know.

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