12-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

guardian angel shot drinking kill small village
fish tank cousin eddie parked outside
wait not christmas tree pot charlie brown lucy
texts whats stopping amazon jeff bezos being santa choice
elf shelf barbies filming hot tub
christmas group therapy santa frosty rudolph elves
how santa finds out which reindeer can fly cliff
christmas tree killed with ax dragged home decorated
santa mrs traveling around world kids toys avoid mother in law
clark christmas vacation check donation ukraine billions
tacos tequila left for santa dad
nice try santa advent calendar 25

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet wife hung christmas lights daughter cried hurt
tweet difference men women christmas decorations football
tweet feeling sad send pictures front back credit card
tweet sugar daddy holiday based around old man good girl

Message of the Day

Quote of the Day

quote christmas eve frank cross one night of the year couple hours people we hoped we would

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