12-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

short story of betrayal dominoes lettuce tomato
new manager dominance of 50 year old worker decades golfers
someone skinner than u says im fat
how to keep neighbor kids out of yard snowman
male privilege wearing same outfit twice straight men dont care
liberal homeschool kids wont fit society correct
cats snowball roof doghouse
remember couldnt eat inside restaurant pods fun
money laundering called infrastructure spending wink air quotes

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet parents pay for therapist break jt buy it
tweets free vacation but cant post anything insane
tweet puppy vet bed cheese gynecologist up game
tweet what wine pairs inlaws staying extra day

Quote of the Day

quote hampton old bookstores coffee smell

Message of the Day

message thankful didnt end up with what thought wanted

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