12-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat exercise wheel sleeping
frozen icycles man skeeters arent biting
h in software development stands for happiness
sign sad need purpose brain purchase
bitchilante people who deserve it
wednesday creep up feed dark humor demented demeanor
ukraine congress pelosi harris zelensky cop thief actor walk into bar
greta thunberg how dare you coldest wind chill
high school suffer college job marriage kids
irs cant find billionaires hiding offshore me maw 600 birthday
mainstream media twitter files nothing censorship corruption fbi

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet one shoe beach rocking horse side highway
tweet growing up most adults not smart suspicions dire
tweet son playing legos outside hour ago
tweet parenting book everyones crying none of crap works

Quote of the Day

quote swift never ashamed admit wrong wiser than yesterday

Message of the Day

message sometimes not enough coffee and middle fingers make through day

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