12-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cant get abs no diet exercise anything possible through god
guy 2022 2023 girlfriend guy checking put goals
new years eve brace yourself first hangover
liotta laughing listening everyones new year resolutions
leaving party 3 minutes enough socializing
bears eating tubers dont each donut just filling
dont expect new years resolutions awkward sarcastic foul mouthed
baker nonbinary gingerbread woke snacks
christmas over ready for summer tree
smudge cat going to be nicer next year false information fact checkers
time for last family gtfo goodbye farewell

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet first 10 minutes social event exit strategy
tweet coworkers thanks not showing pictures of kids
tweet cats favorite animal where food chain smack sht out of you
tweet evaluation therapist diagnosis low income
tweet new years hottest club stay home cheap drinks no lines

Message of the Day

message living best life dont have tell others

Quote of the Day

quote galbut new chapter of life fall rise

Well Done, President Select Biden! 👏👏👏

Back in college while studying for my Finance degree, professors constantly harped on the need for portfolio balance and diversification. Different asset classes usually have alternate ups and downs. So for example, if stocks have a particularly bad year, bonds would go up and cushion the blow. There have only been a few years in American history where that isn’t the case. Then, Joe Biden and Janet Yellen came along, and well, try to find an asset class that did NOT go down in value in 2022. Stocks are down 20 percent, with the Nasdaq down 34 percent. Bonds? Sorry, the Vanguard Total Bond Market Fund (BND), which includes all classes of bonds, including “risk-free” government securities and short-term corporate blue-chip bonds, returned -13.2 percent for the year. Real estate and cryptocurrencies — both down even more than stocks! And these are nominal returns. Real returns that include the 8 percent loss in buying power due to inflation make the results an even worse dumpster fire. It’s been quite the magic act making our net worth disappear, but at least Ukraine is well-funded! 👍

wonderful life every time biden speaks 401k loses thousands
joe biden your 401k mine too jack ice cream
biden dc swamp economy 401k peace blame put media

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