01-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

call me no matter what missed calls
new year cant believe year since didnt become better person
cow hood car cold animals attracted warm
memes post no body for onlyfans next question
trail mix health food m&ms nothing tastes skinny feels
new years resolution quit drinking smoking hanging out with you guys
discount christmas candy chair new years resolutions
esg ftx highest score in prison
twitter files media hunter big guy fbi in bed
dogs wolves once noticed had sofas
us stock market worst since 2022 kamala harris joe biden

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet work colleagues twin see in public talk
tweet sweatpants new years resolution wear pants belt loops
tweet coworker breed cat gray
tweet daughter spider phone book iphone
tweet what part of im on diet husband is
tweet new years resolution finish something

Message of the Day

message believe in yourself kitten tigger puddle

Quote of the Day

quote confucius moves mountains begin with small stone

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