01-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cats middle ages now hind legs church lazy ungrateful
no dana crossed off coke bottle zuul
another mom f bomb pta trash
shrink psychiatrist like dumb posts in room right now
texts sir want some more weed dealer
net zero climate change achieved cavemen
fbi agent likes memes developed crush
leftists card to buy food id card to vote liberal
fbi cia dod doj investigated ourselves found innocent
babylon bee clowns debate who will be elected next king of the clowns
mainstream media ignore border inflation shortages crime china jan 6th abortion guns

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet gen x ellipsis stream of consciousness trailing no one listening
tweet mom learn relax dropped kids her house
tweet kid lettuce evil paper my food critic
tweet visiting family hard easiest way explain way you are
tweet so long watching news old clip movie cheesy propaganda once wake up

Message of the Day

message everyone has story worth telling

Quotes for 2023 and Beyond

10 characteristics of resilience quotes

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