01-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

soulmate challenges you pig drunk campers
spirit halloween middle aged headbanger concert camo back pain
cat snow back home after morning walk
squirrel grabbing midnight snack someone turns on lights
train stop suffer work
cant tell dog knock knock joke bark
obiwan mind trick eat bug change weather liberal npcs
doctor need 6th booster anti shot
nasa webb telescope asteroid wile e coyote

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet collect cell phones ipads alarms go off various times grounded
tweet taking husbands last name not feminist high school
tweet muscles opening wine fitness passion
tweet realize love do nothing kids not let

Message of the Day

message be wary half truths might get wrong half

Quote of the Day

quote but i never knew about any of this tried to tell last 3 years

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