01-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

office nfl congratulating chiefs 1 seed lost bengals bills
hotel california guitar solo bad yelp review
texter caller facetime do not disturb
labels vegan treats away from kids
coffee not helping get jumper cables
tonight unsolved mysteries 30 day ban posting something found on fb
no adult goat jump around head butt annoy
cartoons taste in girls
congress matt gaetz angry lady cat smudge
agree with dumb people avoid arguing 2+2=5 carry one

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bought tv stand targeted ads titan industy
tweet twitter artists singing lyrics wrong
tweet kid dont make the rules just made up
tweet january chickens coming home to roost

Lesson of the Day

lesson rule thumb one person tailgating theyre problem everyone you are

Quote of the Day

quote hemingway intelligent drunk time with fools

Message of the Day

message using turn signal not giving information to the enemy baby yoda

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