01-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bar sign taste beers until tinder dat looks like profile picture
paid 12 month gym membership bank credit card stolen
sign im not the better person leave me alone
airport baggage too heavy plane carry on same
dentist has jokes just do it floss
voices in head hear chocolate eat
waiting globalist elite push next hoax meme
sign cougar in area trails travel men under 30
scarface pacino cocaine eggs
breakfast club facebook twitter tumbl linkin

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet stop recommending good shows minimal effort phone
tweet woman not buying snacks temptation mad nothing to eat
tweet childrens weddings refuse to eat what they serve nuggets noodles
tweet fully delusional sensible not working

Quote of the Day

quote can do all things spite strengthens me

Message of the Day

message office not starting over with experience

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