01-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

snowplow sees me finishing my driveway
breakfast most important meal before drinking
school taught square dancing 4th grade hoedown
work smarter no harder equation x=7
friends yoga vegan eating cake over sink
wife calm down danger sign kill you
midwest trash talk have better corn
baby yoda stop going to hell weee
rich people flexing weatlh tp 2020 bitcoin 2021 gas eggs 2023
biden dear voters fight each other politicians keep in screwing over
fbi investigating joe biden cane blindfold classified
homer simpson garage gas stove biden

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet honor winter solstice cold distant darkness
tweet marriage wife shirt 3 days husband new
tweet duolingo fitbit passive aggressive notes robots
tweet apple watch siri read the room steps walk

New Meme Gallery Added

Aging – Middle & Old Age Meme Gallery 2

Quote of the Day

quote speak when angry test speech ever regret

Message of the Day

message happiest people givers not the takers

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