01-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

goes outside why dont people
captain america google slang term under 30 no cap
minions chart mic was muted zoom teams
me annoy phone charger tshirt time for anarchy
darth vader master zoom conferencing since 1980 force choke
movies pg rating today 80s dogs
family guy scary story violated community standards meme posted 4 years ago
20 dollars eggs bacon biden taking away gas stove
office boss thanking for loyalty me applications rejected
joe jill biden classified documents garage sale
husband kid homework i love vag
1987 brain on drugs 2023 gas stoves eggs cant afford

Message of the Day

message cant stay young forever can stay immature

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet men bars women go to target 10-1 ratio already looking dont need
tweet reached point steal my identity remember another password
tweet dog gate fight vet learned lesson call elementary school teacher
tweet raising teenagers toddler easiest time of life bad news
tweet we should be ones knowing everything about government not private public servants

Quote of the Day

quote came here didnt like dont try make it like there anonymous

Wokesters On a Mission to Ruin Everything

…obviously, kids tune into Scooby-Doo to learn about lesbians, sexism, and the patriarchy. 👍

velma netflix series rotten tomatoes

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One thought on “01-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The PG meme is funny, but from what I’ve seen, the very scary stuff that used to get a real warning in the 80s now gets no real warning. So in other words, swap the animals. And not to be anal, but An American Warewolf in London was rated R. But thanks for the reference as it got me looking up Jenny Agutter and reminiscing over how great she looked in that and every other film I’ve seen her in.

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