01-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kid crash not exactly sure proper time to talk about dui
ups not home 1pm try again tomorrow same time
cat stitting received paperwork assistant on it
wife havent listened word husband start conversation
sponge bob porn unrealistic expectations social media romantic movies
waiting two minutes wife get ready
kids doing recycling drive me my part opening beer
when they say plant based meat processing plant talking about
geico caveman john fetterman feel old yet
et yes trans how could you tell
monica bill clinton chargers blew 27 point lead

Social Media Posts of the Day

reddit chefs how mich make when drunk 12.50 hour
tweet sam icarly crush mental hospital
tweet ran into high school acquaintance high five walking
tweet math homework googling 4th grade math problem
tweet not dramatic work pals worse than breakup

Quote of the Day

quote denzel washington just because dont share it social media low key live it

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson instead remaking good movies bad based good story

“Medical Misinformation” That Might Get You Banned from Social Media

lesson best 7 doctors sunshine air exercise

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