01-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

arkansas men arrested shooting bullet proof vests fun police
years hard work paid off ahole merit badge
baby yoda next song boss dont like it here want to go home
surgeon take your pet to work day feeding
son scared sleep monster dad cant risk killing
dad what like growing up in 80s papa smurf hardees bikinis
someone smoking pot or skunk
dont know why health problems starter pack twinkies soda alcohol pills rx remote tv
frogs pot some of you trusting government stove pronous was were
me walking past people called me crazy 2020
democrats republicans omnicus anything goes on kids tab

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet overheard kid ice cream sandwich dinner grandma finish
tweet sleep with fan wife pushing it
tweet husband role play fixed house pretends first time hearing
tweet teen lost shoes no one blame me siblings universe
tweet if job tell me how should know how to do

Quote of the Day

quote when they cant control manipulate you smear you maraboli

Message of the Day

message office types of people do what told do what right

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